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This section of the website provides a respository of presentations that I have given in recent times.  

IASE Conference - July 2019 - Tanzania
Slides presented at session on "World Perspective".
Adobe Acrobat document [17.7 MB]
St. Lucia
Chapter from The Praeger International Handbook of Special Education (Wehmeyer & Patton, 2017)
Adobe Acrobat document [7.7 MB]

La Cosecha - New Mexico - 15 Nov 18

Preparing Educators -- CLR -- IEPs
Handout distributed in session.
Adobe Acrobat document [258.2 KB]

Xuan Hoa - Vietnam - 21 Jun 18

Differentiating Instruction - Vietnam Application
Slides shown in presentation at HPU2 on June 21, 2018
Adobe Acrobat document [84.8 MB]

Perú - July'14

Responsible Inclusion
Session 1a (Lunes): “La adecuación curricular para estudiantes con necesidades especiales que se encuentran en ambientes de educación general”
Adobe Acrobat document [15.6 MB]
Session 1b (Lunes): “Transición de la escuela a la vida fuera de ella. Otras transiciones dentro de la escuela”
Adobe Acrobat document [9.8 MB]
Intellectual Disabilities
“Características de los estudiantes con discapacidades intelectuales”
Adobe Acrobat document [5.7 MB]
Learning Disabilities
“Características de los estudiantes con discapacidades de aprendizaje”
Adobe Acrobat document [14.4 MB]
“Importancia del esfuerzo conjunto: colaboración con la familia, estudiantes, profesores
de educación especial, otros profesionales.”
Adobe Acrobat document [3.4 MB]
Differentiating Instruction
“Estrategias para desarrollo y aplicación del currículo: adaptaciones curriculares.”
Adobe Acrobat document [19.6 MB]
Managing Classrooms
“Estrategias de manejo de aula y apoyo conductual: características del profesor y los estudiantes en la organización y manejo de aula.
Adobe Acrobat document [13.5 MB]

Korea - June'14

DSACT - "Responsible Inclusion" - 08 Nov 13
This PDF is an abbreviated version of the presentation shown during the session
Adobe Acrobat document [20.6 MB]

Reading Round-Up: "Changing Your Life Through Travel" - UT - 27 August 13

Outline of Session
This file contains a list of topics to be discussed in the session along with a list of other books in this travel genre.
Adobe Acrobat document [121.5 KB]

"Differentiating Instruction" - Taiwan - June-July 2013

     Key documents:

Model for Differentiating Instruction - TW
This document contains a process for differentiating instruction that has been adjusted for the TW context.
Adobe Acrobat document [539.9 KB]
Special Education in Taiwan
This file represents a description of special education in Taiwan -- the powerpoint was developed by Dr. Su-Jan Lin (NKNU).
Adobe Acrobat document [2.7 MB]
Academic and Behavioral Rating Scale
Source: original: Hoover & Patton (adapted for use in St. Lucia -- SLABS)
This scale can be used to help identify students who are struggling in the areas of reading, writing, math, and behavior.
TW_ABRS_聖塔露西亞 學科及行為 量表 - SLABS修改版1010731[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [431.5 KB]
Curriculum Adaptation Quick Screen
Source: Hoover & Patton ((2005)
This instrument can be used to obtain a general idea of the problems that a student is displaying in a general education setting.
Adobe Acrobat document [44.5 KB]

"Life Skills Instruction" - Taiwan-June-July 2013

  Key documents:  

Major Life Demands
Source: Cronin, Patton, Wood (2007)
This document lists the major demands that most individuals will encounter in adulthood. The list serves as reference for highlighting the focus of curriculum and
Adobe Acrobat document [216.7 KB]

"Adolescent Offenders with Disabilities" - Juvenline Courts - Kaohsiung - 02Aug13

    Key documents:  

"Addressing the Needs of Adolescent Offenders with Disabilities"
This document is an abbreviated version of the powerpoint shown at the session on 02 August 2013.
NOTE: This file contains slides that were not included in the handout packet.
Adobe Acrobat document [9.2 MB]

"Assessment" - Taiwan - June/July 2013

   Key Documents:  

Career Interests, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory (CIPSI)
This file contains all of the items contained in the CIPSI. The information obtained from this form can be inputed to the computer-based CIPSI assessment.
Adobe Acrobat document [313.1 KB]
Study Skills Inventory-2nd edition - Chinese Version
This file is the translated version (Chinese) of the SSI-2.
Adobe Acrobat document [219.3 KB]

"Learning Disabilities" - Macau - 23 June 2013 

    [Associação de Professores de Ensino Special de Macau]

    Key documents: 


"Learning Disabilities"
This is an abbreviated version of the ppt shown during the session
Adobe Acrobat document [17.6 MB]
Occupational Vocubulary
This list of occupational vocabulary words was originally generated by Fisher and Clark and part of "Understanding Occupational Vocabulary" (Fisher, Clark, & Patton, 2003).
Adobe Acrobat document [181.6 KB]

"Responsible Inclusion" - Chimei (Taiwan) - 27 June 2013 


"Responsible Inclusion"
This is a shortened version of the powerpoint shown at the session.
Adobe Acrobat document [11.6 MB]


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